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Peterson StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner (2-pack) Bundle

Peterson StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner (2-pack) Bundle

Peterson StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner (2-pack) Bundle

Utmost Strobe Tuning Accuracy - in Pint-sized Form. Sweetwater is an Authorized Peterson Dealer. Peterson StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner (2-pack) Bundle.

Guitar and Bass Strobe Tuner Pedal with True Bypass, Buffered Output, Monitor Mode, 80 Sweetened Tunings, High-definition LCD Screen, and Variable Backlight. Representing the epitome of tuning accuracy, functionality, and efficiency, Peterson's StroboStomp Mini pedal chromatic tuner distills the power of its big-box predecessors into an amazingly pedalboard-friendly form factor. Like the StroboStomp HD, this diminutive pedal boasts a laser-precise 0.1± level of tuning accuracy and an ultra-high-definition LCD strobe display for clear, immediate feedback on both dark stages and at sun-showered outdoor gigs. However, the robust metal chassis has been shrunk down to around half the size of the StroboStomp HD, with top-mounted jacks to save even more space on a busy'board. Moreover, three bypass modes, 80 Sweetened and Guided tunings, and a fully adjustable concert A reference provide a full-featured functionality to rival even the most mighty outboard strobe tuning units. Simply put, the mini StroboStomp is a must-have pedal chromatic tuner for the guitarist seeking the best in strobe tuner superiority and pedalboard efficiency. Big-box accuracy at half the size. When it comes to tuning accuracy, Sweetwater guitarists agree that there's simply no beating a top-class strobe tuner like the Peterson StroboStomp Mini pedal tuner. From the stage to the studio to even on the workbench making intonation adjustments, this pedal's 0.1± cent level of accuracy leaves no question whether your sound is pitch perfect.

This pedal may clock in at half the size of a StroboStomp HD, but it makes zero compromises when it comes to tuning precision. Have you ever noticed that certain chords on your guitar sound strange, even when you're in tune and properly intonated? It's a challenge inherent to all fretted instruments, and the most pitch-precise professionals will often tune specific notes just a touch flat or sharp to compensate, a level of acumen that usually requires years of experience and a superior ear. Fortunately, the StroboStomp Mini's 80 Sweetened tuning selections automatically adjust your tuning for optimum consonance, accommodating almost any instrument or alternate tuning in the book. A board-friendly mini tuner pedal.

From top to bottom, every feature of the StroboStomp Mini offers musicians the utmost in tuning functionality in the smallest possible form factor. The pedal's robust metal chassis sports side-mounted controls, saving on space and offering enough real estate on the top panel for the LED-backlight adjustable, high-definition LCD strobe display.

Plus, any player looking to maximize the efficiency of their'board is sure to appreciate how this chromatic tuner opts for top-mounted jacks, allowing you to nestle your pedals right up against each other with minimal spatial slop. Buffered or true bypass: which is better for your pedalboard?

Well, the answer will vary from guitarist to guitarist. That's why Peterson designed the StroboStomp Mini pedal tuner to accommodate players of both proclivities with three different modes of operation. Guitarists running smaller'boards who prefer to keep their tone as uncolored as possible will surely gravitate toward the pop-less true-bypass mode, while the buffered output mode will keep your signal strong and high end clear in long signal chains. The StroboStomp Mini comes pre-set to the unique monitor mode. This mode is sonically identical to the buffered setting, but the tuner display remains fully active even when you unmute the pedal.

Peterson StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner Features. A pedalboard-friendly take on the StroboStomp HD with uncompromising functionality and tuning accuracy. 0.1± level tuning accuracy ensures your instrument is pitch-perfect and is even precise enough for intonation adjustment. Ultra-high-definition LCD strobe display with adjustable LED backlights - a must-have for color coordination with the rest of your'board.

Can be run in pop-less true-bypass mode, buffered bypass, or monitor mode (buffered bypass where the tuning display is always active). 80 Sweetened and Guided tunings to optimize your tuning, no matter the instrument or alternate tuning. Concert A reference can be set between 390Hz-490Hz.

Robust metal chassis with top-mounted jacks to maximize space on your pedalboard. Pedal can be configured to mute or pass audio when powered up. Update your firmware, design custom Sweetened tuning presets, and more using Peterson Connect.

Can be powered via standard 9V AC or through the USB-C port. StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner Specifications. Concert A = 390Hz to 490Hz. 25 (guitar, bass, orchestral, drop tuning, 7-string guitar, banjo, mandolin).

True Bypass, Switchable to Buffered. More than 30 years in business.

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Peterson StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner (2-pack) Bundle